Board of Directors

Mikkel Kofod Christensen

Mikkel Christensen (CEO) is a strong international business developer with more than 10 years of experience from MAN(VW company) where he headed up the service business constituting, an annual revenue of more than SEK 1 billion.

“Our vision with OmniCar is simply to create the best car partner for you and your car. We want to disrupt the classical way of thinking car ownership and maintenance, and we want to bring it to users all over europe – and over time become market leading within Europe”

Chairman of the board,
Petra Ulrika Bendelin

Beside being the Chairman of OmniCar, Petra holds the position as COO(Chief Operating Officer) at MEKO AB (publ), which is the leading automotive spare-parts chains in the Northern Europe.

“OmniCar has come a long way establish themselves as a convenient car partner for life. The team act with undoubtable passion to create customer experience through innovation.

OmniCar as a concept fits well into MEKOs portofilo and MEKOs foundation with unbeatable availability of spare parts and services supports OmniCar’s future expansion journey” 

Board member,
Mads Kjær

Mads Kjær is a several entrepreneur with great experience from his own companies as well from his board-experience in a number of successful companies. Furthermore Mads is the founder and CEO of Kjaer Group which is a market leading automotive cooperation, providing mobility solutions internationally.

Board member,
Kevin Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen is a professional F1 driver driving from HAAS since 2017 and currently working on becoming the world champion. Kevin is contributing with his passion and attitude from being a professional sportsman and with his experience in building a strong performance team.

Board member,
Henrik Lottrup

Henrik Lottrup is one of the most acknowledged people in the start-up/scale-up interment in DK, and have successful exits behind him (+1 billion DKK) + a great experience as board member from several successfully industry leading companies.