The Swedish Companies Registration Office has registered 17,483,333 shares issued by OmniCar Holding AB (“OmniCar”) on 29 December 2022. As a result, OmniCar’s number of shares increased from 77,867,328 to 95,350,661 and the share capital increased with SEK 1,748,333.3 from SEK 7,786,732.8 to SEK 9,535,066.10. SEK 10,489,999.8 has been paid for the issued and registered shares.

In total, the Board of Directors of OmniCar resolved to issue 28,175,000 shares (with an aggregate subscription price of SEK 16,905,000) on 29 December 2022, of which 17,483,333 shares (SEK 10,489,999.8) now have been registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office.  Of the remaining, not yet registered, 10,691,667 shares:

  • The issuing of 6,125,000 shares (SEK 3,675,000) requires the approval by at least nine-tenths of the votes cast as well as of all shares represented at a general meeting of the Company (the Leo Issue). The Board will propose that the Annual General Meeting of OmniCar approves its decision to issue these shares.
  • Since full subscription of Meko Services AB’s (“Mekonomen”) intended investment would result in Mekonomen exceeding the threshold to make a mandatory bid for all shares of OmniCar, the Board has extended the subscription and payment period to 30 April 2023, for 3,675,000 shares (SEK 2,205,000). This allows for Mekonomen to decide whether to acquire the said shares after the annual general meeting’s approval of the Leo Issue, after which it is expected that the said shares can be acquired by Mekonomen without triggering the obligation to make a mandatory bid.
  • OmniCar has not yet received payment of 891,667 subscribed shares (SEK 535,000.2). OmniCar will inform the market when payment has been obtained for these shares and they have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. If payment for the said shares is not made in accordance with what is set out in the relevant provisions of the Swedish Companies Act, the subscriber will forfeit its right to receive the subscribed shares, but still owe OmniCar the balance of the subscription price (SEK 535,000.2).

For further details on the resolutions made by the Board of Directors of OmniCar on 29 December 2022, please see the press release announced by the company on this date.

Contact person:

Mikkel K. Christensen
Chief Executive Officer
OmniCar Holding AB