Press release
9 August 2018

Today, we are proud to announce that Per B. Christensen & co a-s has signed a contract with Omnicar.

Per B. Christensen & co a-s is a large authorised Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and Hyundai car dealer and workshop in Denmark. As part of the agreement, OMNICAR’s SAM solution will include Per B. Christensen & co a.s’s current portfolio of service contracts, which makes this deal with Per B. Christensen & co a-s an important milestone for OMNICAR. The contract involves a monthly target of new service contracts Per B. Christensen & co a-s has to sign.
Claus T. Hansen, Group CEO of OMNICAR Holding, says “In the first six months of 2018, we have focused on building a nationwide infrastructure of workshops in Denmark using OMNICAR SAM, and we have almost achieved full market coverage. A significant part of our business model is the revenue we get from our accumulated service contract portfolios from our dealers and workshops, and signing up dealers with a significant existing portfolio of service contracts will fast-track our long-term objectives. When the largest dealers decide to use OMNICAR, it shows once again we are on track to becoming a must for workshops and dealers.”

About Per B. Christensen & co a-s
Per B. Christensen & co a-s is an authorised Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and Hyundai car dealer, workshop and collision centre in Silkeborg, Denmark. Per B. is with you all the way, whether you are in the market to buy a new car, a used car, a company car, a wholesale car, a commercial car, a delivery van or to lease a car. At Per B. you will find all you need and we are the preferred choice among car dealers in Silkeborg. Moreover, Per B. Christensen & co a-s has been awarded “Best Ford workshop in Denmark” several years in a row, and we have for a number of years been awarded Suzuki’s “Certificate of Excellence” for providing the most extraordinary customer service.

Contact Information
For more information about OMNICAR Holding AB, please contact
Claus T. Hansen, CEO
E-mail: Telephone: + 41 79 854 47 69

About Omnicar
The IT company OMNICAR has developed a unique software solution called SAM (Service Agreement Manager) for vehicle repair shops and car dealers. SAM is a digital tool that is designed to automatically manage future sales and service agreements. SAM helps vehicle repair shops and car dealers to manage and sell far more service contracts than before, using customised additional services and subscription- based services that follow each car throughout its lifecycle.