OmniCar Holding AB (”OmniCar”) hereby publishes the investment memorandum ahead of the company’s rights issue, in which the subscription period starts on Thursday May 9th, 2019. The memorandum is available on the websites of OmniCar (, Sedermera Fondkommission ( and Spotlight Stock Market ( The teaser and subscription forms will be available on the websites above in connection with the start of the subscription period.

Summary of the offering

  • Subscription period: May 9th – May 23rd, 2019.
  • Subscription price: SEK 2.25 per share.
  • Volume of issuance: The offer comprises a maximum of 7,906,746 shares, corresponding to approx. SEK 17.8million.
  • Record date: May 3rd, 2019. The last day of trading in the share including the right to receive subscription rightswas April 30th, 2019 and the first day of trading excluding the right to receive subscription rights was May 2nd,


  • Preferential right: Those registered as shareholders in OmniCar Holding AB on the record date May 3rd, 2019have preferential right to subscribe for shares in the share issue. For each held share, one (1) subscription right

    is received. Eleven (11) subscription rights entitle to the subscription of six (6) new shares.

  • Number of shares prior to the share issue: 14,495,710 shares.
  • Valuation (pre-money): Approx. SEK 32.6 million.
  • Trading period of subscription rights: Trading with subscription rights will be conducted at Spotlight Stock Marketfrom May 9th until May 21st, 2019.
  • Trading period of BTA:s: Trading with BTA:s will be conducted at Spotlight Stock Market from May 9th, 2019 untilthe share issue is registered at the Swedish Company Authority (“Bolagsverket”). The registration is expected to

    be finished in the middle of June 2019.

  • Subscription commitments and guarantee subscriptions: The company has received subscription commitmentsof approx. SEK 1.5 million, corresponding to approx. 8 percent of the issue volume from the executives Claus T. Hansen and Mikkel Lippmann as well as guarantee subscriptions of approx. SEK 12.2 million, corresponding to approx. 69 percent of the issue volume. In total, the subscription commitments and guarantee subscriptions correspond to approx. 77 percent of the total issue volume.

    Financial advisor
    Sedermera Fondkommission is the financial advisor of OmniCar in connection with the rights issue.

    For more information on the rights issue, please contact:
    Sedermera Fondkommission E-mail: Telefon: +46 40 615 14 10

    For more information about OmniCar, please contact:
    Claus T. Hansen, CEO OmniCar Holding AB E-mail:
    Telefon: +41 79 854 47 69

    The IT company OmniCar has developed a unique software solution called SAM (Service Agreement Management) for vehicle repair shops and car dealers. SAM is a digital tool that is designed to automatically manage future sales and service agreements. SAM helps vehicle repair shops and car dealers to manage and sell far more service contracts than before using customized additional services and subscription-based services that follow each car throughout its lifecycle.