Omnicar has launched its new sales platform for green vehicles.

We offer customers a unique online shopping experience when you are in the market for a used green vehicle, including financing, charging-infrastructure and everything else which you would need.

Omnicar has since late 2020 operated the service concept Omnicarservice (OCS), where mobile VANs equipped as service workshops are servicing customers vehicles where and when they need it. Saving valuable time.

Today OCS have serviced more than 5.000 vehicles and taken the position as the largest mobile workshop chain in Scandinavian as well as the best overall rated workshop in Trustpilot though out the whole industry in Denmark.

The concept of OCS is built with focus on convenience, great customer service and an outstanding IT platform making it ready for scale. – Omnicarsale has been build based on the same principles.

Omnicarsale is a platform where you can search and buy your next green vehicle easy and delivered at your doorstep.

We have searched the market and made strategic partnerships with companies offering the best products for green vehicles and car owners, which we through our purchasing flow can offer the customer.

We have made agreements with financing partners, insurance companies, charging infrastructure providers and others. All with direct API access to our site.

That means you will from day 1., have the possibility to purchase your new green car, choose your needed options/services, and have it delivered at your private address within 4 days with a 14-day free return policy.

We will from day one be ready to sell cars, and our inventory of vehicles on display will keep growing as we get our ordered vehicles home.

Mikkel K. Christensen, CEO of Omnicar comments:

“Since we started disrupting how people is getting service on their cars, and seen the positive reaction which have followed, we have had a wish to take this approach into car sale and become a complete convenience partner for car owners. Today is a great day, as our vision has become reality by launching Omnicarsale. We are not only creating a complete partner towards our customers, but we are also creating the perfect eco-system and synergies between Omnicarservice & Omnicarsale”

The site is live and can be found right here: