In Q1, OmniCar announced a strategic partnership with Copenhagen Airport, and travelers booking car parking are already being offered the services provided by OmnicarService. In addition to this partnership which have been fully effective since beginning of May, OmniCar is pleased to announce several new partnerships.

CEO, Mikkel Kofod Christensen states: “Investing in BtB partnerships is crucial for OmniCar’s growth strategy. We doing what we call “one-to-many-strategy” and partnering with established organizations and businesses, we can reach a large audience with a relatively small investment, compared to the cost of acquiring individual customers,”

OmniCar enters GoMore’s platform

Since 2018, private car rental has been the core business of GoMore with over 2,400 users renting out their cars via GoMore’s online platform.

OmniCar is now taking a significant place on this platform, as the car renters are offered the services provided by OmnicarService.

Danish households will receive offers with their Hello Fresh meal-kit

Hello Fresh is the world’s leading meal-kit company, and the partnership with HelloFresh ensures that Danish households will be exposed to OmnicarService when their meal-kits are delivered in early May.

Contributing to the Danish Handicap Association’s community

The partnership with The Danish Handicap Association (Dansk Handicap Forbund) is not only a result of the BtB-strategy, but also a reflection of OmniCar’s desire for a clear CSR profile.

The Danish Handicap Association has 10,000 members, and it is a target group that in many ways is very happy with the service form which OmniCar offers, as many often have experienced issues with going to the normal workshops where locations and loan vehicles is not suited for their needs.

Partnership with PFA Pension

PFA is the largest commercial pension fund in Denmark, and they are scaling to their entire Danish office portfolio in a new multi-tenant office concept called The Union.

The Union will administrate 9 office buildings in Q4, and all tenants working in the office buildings will be offered the services provided by OmnicarService.

Other BtB partnerships fueling OmniCar’s growth in Q2
OmniCar’s BTB strategy encompasses not only one-to-many partnerships with large organizations as mentioned above. It also includes business customers such as craftsman companies, transportation companies, and fleet owners.
OmniCar has recently entered into agreements with 12 smaller businesses, which together account for a fleet of over +500 vehicles.

“We are very happy with our current stage, and we are looking forward to seeing, where these partnerships will take us. We will of course continue to execute our BtB strategy as well as exploring more partnership opportunities”, states Mikkel Kofod Christensen, CEO.  

We have great expectations to the newly entered agreements and to OmniCar’s BtB strategy in general. Please however note there is no guarantee of the success or effectiveness of the partnerships mentioned in this press release.

Mikkel K. Christensen
Chief Executive Officer
OmniCar Holding AB

About OmniCar Holding AB


OmniCar Holding AB (OmniCar) is a Danish purpose-driven impact company active in the automotive industry. OmniCar provides a convenient, affordable, and more transparent way of getting your car serviced and repaired by offering the service though our mobile workshops at a time- and place, which suits you the best.


OmniCar is a data driven technology company facilitating an end-to-end platform, which offers customers a unique way of ordering their next service as well as managing our fleet of mobile workshops including mechanics. We have established a position as the largest mobile workshop operator within the Nordics and with outstanding customer ratings of 4,9 of 5. With thousands of positive customer visits already completed, OmniCar aims to grow its business and fulfill its vision of becoming a convenient car partner for customers throughout Europe.