Copenhagen, November 22, 2023 – OmniCar Holding AB (OmniCar), an innovative mobile car service provider, today announces that they have entered a collaboration with Fleggaard Leasing, one of Denmark’s leading providers of car leasing.

As a leader in mobile car service, OmniCar specializes in delivering premium car repairs and services at the customer’s convenience. This saves the customer the hassle of interrupting their day to drive to the workshop, allowing them to instead use their time for something more valuable. The collaboration with Fleggaard Leasing further strengthens the expansion of mobile car service to Danish car users.

CEO of OmniCar, Mikkel Kofod Christensen, states: “We are proud to announce the collaboration with Fleggaard Leasing, which we see as an effective way to spread our concept and make everyday life easier for even more car users around the country. Fleggaard Leasing impresses with their approach to customer advisory, and we look forward to supporting this and creating unique customer experiences together.”

Fleggaard Leasing, will as the first leasing company in Denmark, offer all their customers with a full-service leasing contract, the possibility to use OmniCar.

Technical Director at Fleggaard Leasing, Paul Lindemann, states: “We work every day to create value for our customers. Through collaboration with OmniCar, we can offer our customers something truly unique, as an additional option to the traditional workshop visit, and by doing this, we are expanding our value proposition to our customers. We are confident that our customers will greatly appreciate the quality and customer focus which OmniCar represents, and we look forward to soon presenting this opportunity to our customers.”



About Fleggaard Leasing

Fleggaard Leasing, headquartered in Padborg, is one of the most well-known and reputable Danish leasing companies with customers nationwide. In 1998, Fleggaard Leasing began leasing cars to Danish companies and is now stronger than ever with a comprehensive product range and flexible solutions that can be adapted to any need. Fleggaard Leasing is not only known for its competitive prices but also for its high level of service, quality, and favorable leasing conditions, providing customers with security and financial overview.