The directed set-off issue of shares in OmniCar Holding AB (the “Company” or “OmniCar”) to Recall Capital Nordic AB has been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The total number of shares in the Company amounts to 254,558,075 and the share capital to SEK 25,455,807.50 after the registration.


Through the set-off issue, the Company’s share capital has increased by SEK 172,800, from SEK 25,283,007.50 to SEK 25,455,807.50, through the issue of 1,728,000 new shares, entailing that the total number of outstanding shares has increased from 252,830,075 shares to 254,558,075 shares. The set-off issue entailed a dilution of approximately 0.68 percent for existing shareholders based on the total number of outstanding shares and votes in the Company following the set-off issue.

For more information, please contact

Mikkel K. Christenssen, CEO, OmniCar Holding AB