Mekonomen Group invests 19 MSEK in Omnicar while the management of Omnicar undertakes to invest an additional 6 MSEK – Mekonomen’s ownership will amount to 20.5% after the two share issues

Omnicar Holding AB is pleased to announce that Mekonomen Group (Mekonomen) has agreed to subscribe for shares for a total of 19 MSEK in a private placement, at a share price of 1.38 SEK per share, which represents a premium of app. 3% in relation to the closing price on 9 March 2022 and app. 8% in relation to the average share price during the last 30 trading days. In addition, the board of directors and the executive management of Omnicar have agreed to subscribe for shares for a total of 6 MSEK on the same terms as Mekonomen in a private placement, which is to be proposed to the shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting in the Company. Mekonomen will after the directed share issues be the owner of 20.5% of the shares in the Company which makes Mekonomen the biggest shareholder of Omnicar.

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During the webcast we will cover announcement where Mekonomen invest 19 MSEK in Omnicar

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