The Swedish Companies Registration Office has registered OmniCar Holding AB’s directed issue which was resolved on 28 June 2022 by the annual general meeting.

Through the directed issue resolved on 28 June 2022, a total of 4,350,000 shares were issued to certain board members and senior managers of the Company. At the time of the share issue (28 June 2022) OmniCar’s number of shares increased with 4,350,000 from 63,039,285 to 67,389,285 and the share capital increased with SEK 435,000 from SEK 6,303,928.5 to SEK 6,738,928.5.

The reason for the directed issue was, as communicated on 10 March 2022, that the board of directors and executive management of the Company, in connection with Mekonomen’s investment in Omnicar, undertook to invest in the Company on the same terms as Mekonomen.

OmniCar’s total number of registered shares now amounts to 77,867,328 shares, and the registered share capital amounts to SEK 7,786,732.8.

Please note that the directed issue communicated 29th of December 2022 is not included in these figures.