Omnicar Holding Q2 2022 report

Our ambitious growth plan continues to provide results with OmniCar reporting its strongest growth in the history of the company.

  • During the second quarter of 2022, revenue increased 260% sequentially to 21.1 million SEK from 5.9 million SEK in the first quarter of this year
  • 383% revenue increase compared to Q2 2021
  • OmniCarService continues its growth with revenue increasing 24% sequentially vs. 1Q22 and 125% YoY

Investments in our technology, employees, and marketing are the driving force behind our growth this year. We will continue to invest in our future with an expectation for operating profitability in 2023. Our loss of 10.9 million SEK during the second quarter was in line with our expectations during this investment phase.

We are proud of the results and look forward to continuing our strong execution in the quarters that lie ahead.